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Living CLOSE to Nature

  Living here for over 40 years, I ...We have learned how to coexist with abundant wildlife. Snakes are a big part of our coexistence. This year, copperheads were too many to count; the largest juvenile black snake I have ever seen, got away after TRYING to swallow a 12 week old Java pullet; a beautiful Southern Ringneck; Garter Snakes in abundance; and a few years ago a Hognose Snake, which was quite intimidating because they flatten their heads just like a Cobra! There have been years of flying squirrels coming down the chimneys. Running up and down the stairs. I became quite good at catching these strong little creatures with a towel to release outdoors. Holding them for a second to look into their magnificent faces.  Wood Ducks fall down the chimneys in spring as they look for nesting places. Usually during a rainstorm. I have come to expect them. Easy, now that I know how, to pick up and release outside.  Chimney Swifts nest in the chimneys in spring. This is why Chimney Caps, alt

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