New Beginnings

 Life is a twisty turney thing. Sometimes there is an illusion of control when there is, in actuality, none.

As mere humans all we can do is take one day at a time and do what we feel in our hearts is right and true. 

Sometimes it is Java Chickens, and sometimes it is Angora Goats. Sometimes it is 

Art so vivid the feel of buttery paint on the canvas Itches the fingertips. Then again,  it might be the mesmerizing deliciousness of words on the page that create an palpable image. Change comes. 
A new direction like the turning of a page to a new chapter, Is often brought about by loss. The loss of: a Profession welded to personal identity; The loss of a spouse; The loss of a loved one in death; The loss of a dear kindred spirit friend; The loss of Innocence and carefree days before a child is diagnosed with a serious illness; or The loss of financial stability. 

With hope, tenaciousness, and Faith there is the opportunity to re-create a new direction. To throw the cards on the table, use every penny scrounge from the folds of the sofa to invest in the new idea takes great courage, but if it is inspired from Faith it is not a whim, It is a powerful adventure... predestined. 

Listening to the heart is often clouded out by reason. 

 "Do not be afraid, castaway the weight of facts". 


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