Spring is an Awakening!

In Spring the color here is so bright at times it looks unreal.
As the sun's early bright light first touches the hills beyond the pasture and then slowly washes up to our hill, it is a new day-BRIGHT with possibilities.

The soil is warming which brings forth new life everywhere. Money Plant shooting up and bursting into while and pink blossoms. Roses, that looked for the world dead, are sprouting lime green buds and fragile branches.

A rich green carpet of heart shaped foliage one day, and the next dotted with velvety purple Common Violets.

 Blackberry canes gray and twiggy, suddenly have tiny green leaves. Deep in the night the call of the fox, the dance of the Carpenter Bee and Birds of all sort calling and buzzing to claim territory...and mates.

It is Spring; A new day. Delicious to the eye...and the heart.


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