The Java Chickens Continue

I have kept Java Chickens in a closed flock since 1999. Over the past year, for the first time in years, I did not hatch chicks to keep for myself. Hatching and caring for chicks until they are 20 weeks old is A LOT of I decided to skip a year. Now, I am missing the new pullets starting to lay and the lovely cockerels in the freezer for golden rich suppers!

I have dusted off the incubator stored in the top of the barn with plans calibrate to be sure in working order for eggs in March. The hens are doing well, fat and happy, but I only have 20. A far cry from a flock of 150 in 2011. Fortunately the hens are some of the flocks best, and are very close to breed Standard.

As the days lengthen and they bask in the sun, egg production will increase. Hopefully if all goes well,  there will be chicks in May to restock the flock.  Grown on organic grains, fruits and vegetables, both eggs and table birds are a delicious and healthy addition to any feast!

Wonderful foragers Java Chickens scratch for worms and grubs but also LOVE cakes, breads and especially pasta noodles. You should see them snatch a noodle and RUN across the pasture with the treasure! There is never kitchen waste. The chickens eat it! How awful to think about throwing vegetable peels and overly ripe fruit in the trash. They come running when I walk out to the lot...knowing I have Treats!


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