Hello Winter, Glad You Are Back!

I was not ready for Winter to go. Several days of sudden spring like weather, with one day at 80F in early February was worrisome. Wooly clothing, heavy down, and quilts were all wrong. Itchy. What a relief to feel the North winds blowing yesterday and know the cold was returning. I was not ready for it to go.

Walking alone in the silent woods picking up firewood kindling is a meditation in Thankfulness. Each stick provided without request or payment. Surprise Hickory, which is a strong tree thus not giving up branches often, is a treasure.

The first "catch" of the small kindling a promise of hope. There is  magic and depth in a open fire. Generations have sat looking into a fire to see plans, and dreams. Calming as woodsmoke drifts upward and out, with crackles and swooshes soothing the soul. Walking outside into the sharp cold air to catch a whiff of Hickory on the wind is delicious, evoking memories and imaginings of times of old.

A different life. A different path. Look for it. 


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