What? Today's weather is a promise of Fall to come?

                                                     The Back Pasture at Dusk

The Seasons are so definite here and I am grateful for them. I always yearn for Spring after the cold and gray of Winter.  By this time every Summer I am thinking blissfully of Fall. Spring and Summer on this farm are constant weeding, mulching, seeding, staking, and harvesting in the humidity and heat. Most days I work outside 2-3 hours twice a day until sunset donned in a long sleeve shirt, gloves, long pants, and boots. Each time my clothing is wet as if I were thrown into a pool!  I yearn for cold crisp air and a day outside when the sunshine is a joy instead of obstacle.

Last night as I finished up weed-whacking the invasive new weed in the back garden I walked up the road from the barns to the house. As I approached - the air was filled with the swoop and swing of BATS. Amazingly they never came close to me as they were concentrating on eating mosquito's in the air!  It was at that moment I realized... I have seen very few mosquito's this year. I am sure the bat's are taking care of them. I never use insect repellent and rarely have a bite. One night while working upstairs I saw a big brown bat flying around and around the house. As it flew by the upstairs window where I was standing, she turned her foxy little face towards me. A beautiful creature so much like a little dog. There are ways to give bats good habitat so they will live around the house and I have used them all. Bat houses are the key. http://www.southernwildlifeandland.com/

This morning when I walked out with the dogs the air was strikingly less humid. The birdsong a chorus as they too enjoyed this glorious change.
Ah yes, Fall is just around the corner.
A time for rest.


JennyJohnson said…
Oh but I'll miss summer...the long long days are my favorite.
High Ground Farm is an oasis. I always enjoy my visits there.

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