Chaos in the Goat Pasture!

There was Goat DRAMA tonight! With the air crisp and cold watching  a low sunset filtering through the dark winter forest I set about my nightly routine: Goat Chow for Faye and her baby Pearl and Auntie Ruby. I give Faye and Pearlie their chow in the Goat Shed which is snug and warm for the cold night to come; and Auntie Ruby has her chow in the paddock near the chicken barn where she sleeps. As much as I would like them all to be together for the night, Ruby has proven herself to be a wild thing as she aims to claim the best sleeping spots and ledges by jumping,pawing, and butting! It is just too much potential for injury for baby Pearl until she is larger.

Getting back to the story: Then I fill water pails and gather eggs. During this quiet routine tonight, unexpectedly Ruby stuck her head in the bucket I had used to bring out the goat chow to the feeders and in a instant the wire handle was over her horns and the bucket was STUCK on her head!

Oh my Goodness what a sight and sound! The bucket clanging loudly as Ruby running, jumping and kicking across the pasture with a metal bucket hanging from her neck; Faye and Pearl horrified that the world was coming to a end! Ruby would take a step or two and kick., but the bucket was hopelessly over her horns and swinging back and forth!

As with many things this took some time to watch the situation and consider the best approach. Treats are Ruby's I offered graham crackers. She was in such a state that even this had no appeal. She was running and jumping....suddenly the bucket came OFF! Faye had taken Pearl into the goat house certain the world WAS coming to a end. Pearl got on her ledge for safety.

Ruby, although free, was clearly worried that horrid bucket would suddenly attack her again. She would take a step or two; stop and look up-down-left-right....where is that bucket? It was horrible and awful but she was a brave and a smart girl I told her with soothing words over raisins and graham crackers..."you were very wise and brave! "  I am pretty sure she smiled as she munched that cracker.


JennyJohnson said…
I loved watching that story play out in my mind. Great description. Maybe I'll try those words with my grandchildren.

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