The Wood Shed Full, A Beautiful Sight!

Yesterday as I went outside to carry the hens kitchen scraps the huge pile of split firewood in the middle of the grass in front of the shed, tugged at me as I passed. The sky was leaden gray and the weather forecaster was calling for heavy rain as a cold front was approaching  from the west. Not wanting the beautiful dry wood to get wet I pulled out the biggest tarp in the barn. Wrestling with the bulky taupe I quickly realized it was going to be a struggle to cover it all up, I started to move and stack the wood under the shelter. One by one, piece by piece. The day beautiful with a breeze and Autumn leaves, orange, yellow and red trickling down from the sky like jewels. A good time to think, and pray. A good time to be thankful I can still without any trouble do this type of work. Some cannot. It is a beautiful, and a job finished well. 


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