Kale is Out of Control

The Kale I planted last fall is absolutely out of control in the one raised bed in the kitchen garden. I have eaten kale almost everyday for weeks, and now I am begging people to take some home with them!

The turnip greens are blossoming beautifully for the bees, so will leave it for a week longer before taking up to make room for asparagus crowns. Putting in 40 more soon.

English Peas, and multicolored beans are up, waiting for a trellis. Oh yes, and the Horse Radish root I put in just last year is up and beautifully lush on the south side of the Pullet House. I do love a Perennial vegetable (is horse radish a veg, or a herb...not sure). The idea of having Asparagus and horse radish for years to come is comforting. A sense of permanence.

Thinking of comfort, I have been struck again by the beauty of this place. It is gorgeous: Bright, bright green, with roses and bachelor buttons just starting. And the Bird Song is like a symphony. In early morning I am awakened by the birds singing and the soft light as it filters through the branches into the house.

Walking outside in early morn to see what the night has given, the "sound of quiet" is profound. Only the Gentle Breeze, Bird Song, the Hum of the Bees, and Silence. I take the quiet for granted, as it is normal here...but often visitors say, "Listen". "To What?" I Say...."to the silence" the visitor says as we stand still. And with a sigh they say, "I have not heard that in a long, long time".


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