Mallard Hen in the House, Indeed Life in the Country

This morning as I was sitting at the table in the kitchen, having my coffee and toast, Emmy finished her breakfast and went into the front of the house (as is her normal routine) to wait for me to go outside. Suddenly she reappears running and barking at me. "What is it?" I said to her, knowing this girl does not speak unless she has something important to say. She runs back into the long hall towards the living room...and Oh my goodness, what a surprise greeted me! There on the floor beside the big dog bed was a small DUCK. Well, the duck was as shocked to see me, as I was to see her! She immediately started flying towards windows, and all over the room! Emmy, the good poultry guard that she is...just simply stood still. While Mac, seeing a time of chaos in which to mask his greediness, ran back to the kitchen to eat what was left of Emmy's breakfast. Knowing poultry all too well...I backed away and closed the door to stand a few seconds quietly, in disbelief, and come up with a plan. Out to the barn I flew to grab a long handled butterfly net, long ago cast off by one of my boys, but saved and hanging on a hook just for such occasions. With the dogs whimpering and pacing in the kitchen, I quietly and slowly entered the hall. There sat the little hen under the edge of a curtain in the living room. Seeing me she flew up and just missed the hanging blown glass hall light fixture and up the stairs. Quietly she settled again under a curtain edge with her face hidden. Scooping her up with the net, she did not struggle. A beautiful creature, with delicately webbed feet. I managed to hold her with one hand for a quick photo before taking her out the front door. The instant I opened my hand, she she was in flight. The next sight and sound was quite I released her, the high pitched notes of wings in flight came from the living room chimney top...a Mallard Drake as best I could tell, immediately joined her in flight in front of my eyes! He had been waiting for her perked on the chimney top. I DO love living deep in the country!


diane allen said…
She is a really beautiful hen! How in the world did she get into the house? down the chimney?
Anonymous said…
Just so you know, that's a wood duck hen, not a mallard.
Thank you! YOU are so right! My middle son informed me of the same thing! Wood Duck Hen it is! Thanks again!

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