Have I Disappeared?

Well, I am sure some of you have wondered what has happened to me! Well, not to go into detail, our family has experienced a serious health issue...and I have been focusing on things other than the farm. Life is uncertain, and a adventure. For now the farm is resting, but will gear up again in spring! Planning to make the cooking classes, and tours a real hands on experience of rural life!

I did harvest the BIG Kahuna White Ginger...and for the first harvest very good. Grated it for a steak marinade last week to the satisfaction of my diners. It is divine.

I have down sized the hen flock to a manageable 40; the beds are in cover crops of turnips, and kale; and the flower beds are all waiting for me to save the seed for next year.

The leaves are coming down and I am grateful for them! They are a gift to me to add to the beds as compose. Lovely stuff, rotted leaves, full of garden nutrients.

Pastures are being sowed in rye, and red clover for the spring. The bee hives are doing well, and we hope for a honey harvest next year.

Every year is different, and this one is unique, as I learn more than I ever thought I needed to know about patience, and taking one day at a time. Life, every moment is a blessing.


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