Christmas Cards from High Ground Farm...Java Chickens Decorating the Christmas Tree and Wrapping Gifts

I have a few packets of Christmas Cards printed from my original water color paintings left of : The Java Hens Decorating the Tree, and Wrapping Christmas Gifts; The Chicken Barn Door at Christmas; and Winnie wearing his Christmas Bow.

These are great to send to family and friends at Christmas, as well as for gifts. I also use them for special Gift Tags for very fancy gifts.

Taken from the inspiration of the farm, AND a liberal dose of my imagination. I loved creating them.

Email me if you want to order. and I will ship them to you. Unfortunately I do not have a way to accept credit cards (a project for the new year), so mail me a check. I will get them to you within the next 2 weeks, since I may have to have more printed.

A packet of 6 cards/envelopes - 15.00/includes postage.


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