Vegetable Gardens are Loving this HOT Weather...and I am NOT

Well, all this hot and humid weather is heaven for the heirloom tomatoes, beans, cabbages, heirloom squashes, zucchini, cucumbers and everything, but NOT for ME. I have worked out in the heat everyday, and find I have to come in midday to escape and cool down. After a few hours of rest (housework seems like rest after weeding, and mulching in 95 degrees), I go back out again. Everyday involves hand weeding, mulching, watering. Some days we pick for the next day, but most of the time we pick just before I am taking produce to Whole Foods Market, Heron's at the Umstead, Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen, or Bella Mia, all in Cary, NC. This way they get the very freshest produce. Today Zucchini was literally in their hands 2 hours out of the field. The blossoms were still on some. It was a lovely sight. Think of the taste just pan fried in a little olive oil with sea salt. Can not get any better than that!

The hens do not like the hot weather. They sit or stand with their wings out a bit for air to circulate, and hassle with their mouths open. Chickens do not sweat, so have to regulate their temperature this way. I give them cold water twice a day, and they LOVE to stand in the water as it tickles out of the toughs over their feet! They also enjoy cold bananas..chickens love things that are sweet like fruit. I am sure that cools them down some too. They have a big fan inside the coop blowing onto the roost poles. They seem to enjoy the breeze. With the change to very hot weather, they are laying fewer eggs. Just at the time in the year when demand in up...that is farming!

Produce Boxes today were loaded! Garden Peas, Radishes (3 kinds), new red potatoes, grey and dark green zucchini, yellow crooked neck squash, white patti pan squash, crisp young pointed head cabbage, white onions, and crisp pickling and straight cucumbers. What a box! The same with be in boxes for the next week ...THEN the tomatoes start! SIGN UP NOW if you want a box delivered to the Fuquay, Chapel Hill, or Cary location. Call or email me for details. Would love to bring some great produce out to you, and I do special orders if you have favorites! Nothing like new red potatoes cooked in butter and olive oil. Yum!


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