How Many Tomatoes Have You Ever Seen In One Place ?

Today was another Tomato Day in High Ground Farmhouse. What a sight, a co-zillion (at least) waiting for me to as they lined the dining room table, and the kitchen table. Inspecting, sizing, sorting, washing, drying, weighing, and finally packing in flat clean recycled labeled boxes. All of this before taking the best ones, more than 100 pounds of beautiful HEIRLOOM Tomatoes to waiting chefs, and to Whole Foods Market in Cary. I love to look at the shapes, and the colors...but the taste is the best part. What a delicious sandwich I had for supper. Thick smokey bacon, canola mayo, white bread and 3 thick slices of a Cherokee Purple Tomato. Doesn't get much better than that!

AND it is not too late to sign up for a Produce Box for Wednesday drop off in Fuquay Varina. Give me a call or email me to sign up. Boxes are 25.00 each. Take a look at the list on the sidebar for details, and all the extra's available.


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