The Flowers at High Ground Farm are SPECTACULAR

Every year, I watch in awe as the perennials come to life...again. This is the most beautiful year ever, I say to Calum as we walk through the back garden, the Kitchen Garden, the border along the big barn, the chicken house flower border, and the pasture where "volunteers" (the annuals that reseed themselves in the fields,and unexpected places) surprise me.

The scent of old english roses is sweet perfume, but the scent of a old "ditch rose" that I transplanted from my parents house over 30 years ago where is grew wild all through the hedge rows, and ditches attracts me like no other. The scent floats thickly in the air like honey, it transforms the day. It is bliss. I do not know the real name of this ditch rose, but it is the best. Spring is magic here. The light in early morning is transforming. The peace and beauty of the new day is a sanctuary for my spirit. Standing quietly to let it seep in, it renews me.


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