Tomato Season has Started

Well, it's official, the tomato season has started! We loaded up the truck with plants tonight for a day at Whole Foods in Cary tomorrow from 11-2. Plan to come out to say hello, and pick up the great Heirloom Tomato plants you need for your garden! It is going to be a great summer for gardening...I can just feel it in my bones!

Tomato season for us, started about 6 weeks ago, putting each seed in a bit of soil in the greenhouse. But tonight was the first order going to market, and to Whole Foods. Exciting! After all the labeling, and sorting, and counting, and packing, I could not find my truck keys. I looked everywhere: in my pockets and in my purse twice, and could not find them. Then my farm partners, brought in the lights (it was dark down at the greenhouse), and we pulled everything out to the bags, a box of 15 ct egg cartons, several days of mail, hats, gloves, old drink cups, Goodness,does your truck ever get this much stuff in it? Well, after bringing out MORE lights, and re-searching the truck, the purse, the pockets, AGAIN. No keys. Did they walk off? By this time we were all cold and tired with the whole thing, so I was kindly driven home to get my spare key, and driven back. FINALLY, after getting home, doing all the chicken night work (closing up the chicken houses, and letting my guard dog out), feeding the dogs, the cat, and eating supper. I moved my coat, which was now empty of the phones, and noticed it felt a little heavy...checking the pockets, they were empty, BUT there was something in the hem of the KEYS! The pocket had a very small hole..and they must have somehow gotten through the hole! Exasperating!


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