Tomato Plants for Sale at Whole Foods in Cary, NC

High Ground Farm will be at Whole Foods in Cary, tomorrow, Sunday 4-17-11 from about 11-2 with gorgeous heirloom tomato plants. They are a good 12-18 inches tall...and ready to be planted.

I spent the morning at a Animal Welfare Approved fundraiser at The Pit BBQ in downtown Raleigh. Lots of people came out to hear the great live music, and talk to us about AWA and farms that are approved. Animal Welfare Approved is a certification process in which a farm is audited yearly, to assure that livestock is allowed to live a natural life outdoors, and that the farm follows all AWA high standards.

What a storm we had! Heavy rain, and wind, but fortunately nothing more serious in our neck of the woods. Our neighbors to the west had severe tornado damage.

Tomorrow will be a bright day, full of sunshine, so come out to Whole Foods and pick up a few plants for your garden! See you there!


Beth said…
Glad you got home safely and that everything is OK at the farm. We enjoyed having you and all the AWA farmers at The Pit.


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