Java Hens Eating Their Breakfast

Black, White, and Mottled Java hens enjoy fresh, organic apples, and lettuces for breakfast most mornings. They absolutely love fruit and come running when they hear me with the bucket. The hens scratch and eat bugs, worms and grass all day. They have organic vegetables and fruit once a day with grain. Because of this good food, the fresh air in the Harnett County woods, the bright sunshine, and the fresh cool well water, these light brown eggs have a bright orange yolk and are unusually delicious. They make a FINE fresh lemon pound cake, but are delicious as a poached egg, or in plain old scrambled eggs. Nothing like a fresh (as in, being hand gathered from the nest same day) egg!


Anonymous said…
Wonder what those fat hens are thinking and gossiping about to each other on their fine morning?

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