The Bees are here ...and other Surprises

Today as I worked in the Kitchen Garden, I savored the quiet, and birdsong, as I soaked up the bright, bright sunshine, and swam in the warmth of the spring air. It was a brilliant day.

The climbing rose on the little chicken house is blooming..this was surprise, as I thought it would not be until next week. The scent of a English Rose was unmistakable as it drifted to my nose early this morning. Like a detective, I searched the farm for the source of this delicious rose perfume. There was a tiny pink rose bud inside the chicken lot which was bursting with scent. There are hundreds to go. I will welcome the fragrance, like a old friend.

Midday, I received a unexpected call that the Bees had arrived. Don with the Harnett County Beekeepers, drove up with everything in perfect order to install, and quite expertly set up 2 hives. This group of Italian Bees behaved quite nicely as he transferred them to their new hive. The queens were placed inside to eat there way through sugar candy to join the hive. By that time they will all accept her and hopefully make a happy group.

They were certainly a buzz all afternoon. I am sure they were trying to get their bearings after all the travels of the day, and now a new home. I expect to find them settled in the morning, and sending out scouts to find nector. Bees communicate in a amazingly sophisticated way.

The ferns are unfurling, and the Jack in the Pulpits are sending up their shoots. It is a time of renewal, birth, and growth...always leaves me humbled and grateful.


I wish we had a couple hives. I used to help my granddad tend and harvest hives. Never had any tools except a smoker and an old butter knife to pop the frames loose. I still remember holding a queen in my hand in a that small cage and watching the bees gathered all over my hand and arm. Tickled like crazy.

Amelia said…
The honey bees will make a wonderful addition to your farm in so many ways. They are a marvel, as you mentioned about their communication. I learn more about this amazing creature all the time ... praise to their Creator!

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