Spring...and the Slow down

Well, it is Spring, but as I am reminded once again, I am not really in charge.

After raking, and weeding the entire Back Garden, hauling the leaves and grass clippings to the the tomato field, spreading new organic compose in a new 20 x 10 raised bed, cleaning 2 chicken houses, planting beets, peas, and onions, catching hens for the ALBC inspection, loading and unloading 500 lbs of grain, ... and running down to the pasture several times in a day to shew ( is that even a word?) the hawks who are circling over the hens, and crawling under the hen house to pull eggs out of the "secret nest"....... all in the last week, MY BACK has said too much!

So I am down on the couch in recovery mode ....for now. Watched "the complete story of Charlotte Bronte" (inspiration ) and napped as part of my back rehabilitation.

So much for plans. Catching up on my Java Chick Lists, and emails helps me feel as if I am doing something proactive. And I am mending at amazing pace!


Sandy said…
Hope you are back at em soon!

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