Getting Back to Normal

What a lovely day it was today! After the last few days of very cold weather....freezing last night with a frost, today, it seemed almost unreal. The sun and the warmth made it a pleasure to get outside. The Pollinators were all over the turnip blossoms. What a sight to see Swallow Tail butterflies out, and Wild HONEY BEE's. They were crazy over the yellow flowers of the turnips tops.

We tackled the last parts of the chicken pasture fencing. And yes, I was able to actually be of some help today. My back, I happy to report has healed! I packed posts, pulled fencing, let Calum in and out of the pasture too many times to count, cleaned out the big barn refrigerator
(it is truly amazing the stuff that accumulates in that thing!), sorted vegetables and fruits for the hens, planted cilantro, and delivered 27 dozen eggs to Whole Foods Market. All in a days work!


Unknown said…
Go follow those bees and get their honeycomb so I can come over for some toast :) I'm glad to hear your back has healed, and what a crazy day! Just a normal day in the life of Deborah Brown though.
Joy Tilton said…
Just found you, reading and reading! We are having a very cold spring here in Arkansas too. I've got seedlings started but they sit in the garage now waiting for warmer weather. Your farm is beautiful, we lived in Wilkesboro, NC back in the 1980's. Come visit me on Granny Mountain in the Ozarks...

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