The Summer, a Flurry of Produce !

The summer is a flurry of activity: Tomato gathering, cutting basil from the kitchen garden, gathering eggs from the soft and gentle hens, washing, and packaging the bounty...and taking them to the waiting Chefs, and Whole Foods! My kitchen is more often, than not, littered with basil leaves, tomatoes waiting for me to freeze for the winter; jars, baskets, labels, and ribbons.

The usual events of country living unfold daily: Hens sitting on eggs, Thomas stalking mice in the barn, a Copperhead spotted in the Periwinkle thicket, crows whooping down on the maize yellow pears high in the ancient pear tree, the sound of a Bobcat cry jolting me from deep sleep, a face to face meeting with a coyote in the back pasture, and of course Calum always at my side to see it all.

There is such wonder and beauty here!


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