Java Chicks AUBURN

3 weeks ago I received a surprise call from Tim Christakos, who works at the Museum of Science and Industry, in Chicago. For years he has been collaborating with Garfield Farm to carefully breed the Java Chicken. He is responsible for bringing back the thought to be extinct White Java...AND NOW the very rare AUBURN JAVA which is making a come back. I was delighted to hear he had some extra Javas including the AUBURN Java. These beautiful chicks are doing well after a rocky start due to being lost between Chicago and North Carolina...OH MY. I have 4 Auburns, and one Black Java with a Auburn gene which was tagged at the Museum. I will keep careful records and let Tim know what happens as they mature, and have offspring. I had 4 Auburn's hatch from my Black Java stock (also out of Garfield Farm stock) this spring. The rooster was black but had a recessive Auburn gene. It takes many people who are dedicated to maintaining breed standard, and a careful breeding program to promote this wonderful breed, the Java.


Takes alot of dedication to embark on a project like that. You should be very proud of yourself.

chapter said…
good breed. In Indonesia, the ancestor of java is so small indonesia native chicken

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