The New Hen House, “The Chicken Palace”

"THE CHICKEN PALACE" is almost complete! The hens were moved in last week, and are VERY happy in their new home, thanks to Dan, President and Owner of Jarman's Construction, who worked closely with me to build this beautiful, and ingenious chicken house design. Dan is a wonderful carpenter and contractor with a degree from North Carolina State University in Poultry Science. This unique background was perfect for this project. We kept chicken psychology in the forefront as the living environment was designed. This nontraditional chicken house design is the result of my 30 years' experience in keeping chickens, with features to make the Keeper's job less work and to enhance the environment for the chickens' well-being.


Anonymous said…
I am VERY interested in adding Java's to my flock. Having hard time finding...
am in Western NC mountains
please contact me thx

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