Friday, August 4, 2017

Sohn Mat - "The Taste of the Hands"

I have tried many times to re-create foods that a loving family member or friend once made. Using a recipe, one given to me by MaMa Cille or Virginia Johnson in detail, but it did not taste the same.   I have followed recipes to the letter, to be disappointed. No matter how I tried, the food, whether it was Beef Stew or Field Peas or Snow Cookies, did not taste the same as when they made it with their hands.

I know that people transfer a essence of themselves into the food. Whether it was the way they rinsed the bowl first, or perhaps chilled the cooked beef overnight before making a stew, there are minute details and the essence of the person, that change taste.

Recently talking to lovely friends about things of beauty, we discussed how a person transfers their essence into art, food, decor. It turns out there is a Korean word pronounced, "Sohn Mat" that describes the taste of something unique because it reminds you of the maker. It literally translates to "the taste of the hands".

When we cook for people we love, we put part of ourselves in the food. I know there is much we cannot explain scientifically. People transfer their essence into food.
"The Taste of the Hands".

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Spring is an Awakening!

In Spring the color here is so bright at times it looks unreal.
As the sun's early bright light first touches the hills beyond the pasture and then slowly washes up to our hill, it is a new day-BRIGHT with possibilities.

The soil is warming which brings forth new life everywhere. Money Plant shooting up and bursting into while and pink blossoms. Roses, that looked for the world dead, are sprouting lime green buds and fragile branches.

A rich green carpet of heart shaped foliage one day, and the next dotted with velvety purple Common Violets.

 Blackberry canes gray and twiggy, suddenly have tiny green leaves. Deep in the night the call of the fox, the dance of the Carpenter Bee and Birds of all sort calling and buzzing to claim territory...and mates.

It is Spring; A new day. Delicious to the eye...and the heart.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

High Ground Farmhouse in the Moonlight!

Most nights at dusk one of the dogs and I make the rounds.

Down to the Henhouse to lock up the little door to keep the foxes, raccoons, possums, and coyotes OUT. Everything wants to eat a or night; Then over to the goat house and goat shed. The goats love nightly pans of split oats, goat chow and delicious hay. They are eagerly waiting as we go inside. The larger two are very greedy, so the smaller ones are fed separately in the shed. Fresh water from the well in added to the large tub in the paddock. The Paddock gate is closed for the night. This too, to keep predators out. Coyotes sing at night from the deep valley behind the barn. They have have a routine with predictable howls and yips around 7 pm and again at midnight. The pasture has a electric wire 6 inches out from the top and at the bottom to deter coyotes. So far it has worked and is worth the trouble of checking it a couple of times a week. The electric wire is to keep predators out, not to keep the goats in.  A hard woven wire goat fence surrounds the 4 acre pasture. This has kept the goats in. The pasture is forest and pasture, and so far has kept them goat bore easily and must LIKE their domain in order to be expected to stay. Then, we go on to feed the sweet barn cats who have claimed the art studio as their own for sleeping the day on the old chippendale sofa or in the loft. They are quite elegant as they lounge. At night however they come alive and earn their pay by fearlessly hunting for mice, rats and voles! Sometimes I find a tail as evidence of the hall rug! They are a integral part of the keeping grain safe from the wood mice that some how find a way to get into the tightly built barn.

Walking back up the hill the night's peace was palpable. The air was cold and crisp. There was a faint breeze making a distinct rustling sound in the tall, tall tree tops. Not another sound could be heard except our footsteps in the leaves.  Suddenly as we crested the hill top I could hardly believe my eyes. The moon was so large, that I wondered if it was real. The luminance against a navy blue sky filled the western horizon just below the great tree branches.  I stood still with eyes wide to take it all in.