Thursday, May 27, 2010

Java Chicks AUBURN

3 weeks ago I received a surprise call from Tim Christakos, who works at the Museum of Science and Industry, in Chicago. For years he has been collaborating with Garfield Farm to carefully breed the Java Chicken. He is responsible for bringing back the thought to be extinct White Java...AND NOW the very rare AUBURN JAVA which is making a come back. I was delighted to hear he had some extra Javas including the AUBURN Java. These beautiful chicks are doing well after a rocky start due to being lost between Chicago and North Carolina...OH MY. I have 4 Auburns, and one Black Java with a Auburn gene which was tagged at the Museum. I will keep careful records and let Tim know what happens as they mature, and have offspring. I had 4 Auburn's hatch from my Black Java stock (also out of Garfield Farm stock) this spring. The rooster was black but had a recessive Auburn gene. It takes many people who are dedicated to maintaining breed standard, and a careful breeding program to promote this wonderful breed, the Java.

The pasture fence is completed

After weeks of work, the 3 acre pasture is fenced! With the help of my sons, and anyone who would lend a hand, the tomato garden is fenced to protect from the deer AND the hens. The pasture is fenced to keep the hens in their space and out of the vegetable and flower gardens. What a ordeal it was before, with constant herding to keep them out of the seedlings!

The hens are so happy to be out all day the lush green grass, and Red Clover. They send the day scratching up worms, bugs,chasing butter flys and AHHhh yes, the dust baths. It is a pretty sight to see. They are so peaceful.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

High Ground Farm Table Local Market Schedule May 2, 2010

The High Ground Farm Table will be at Whole Foods Market in Cary, NC Sunday May 2 from 11am until 3pm. The Table will be brimming with cut herbs; English Roses; Heirloom Tomato Plants; Bird Houses, Bat Houses made from reclaimed cedar and pine; watercolor chicken and garden cards; "Hen and Chick" oil on canvas painting, and a limited number of high quality prints; AND OF COURSE there will be rich, delicious Java Hen eggs available in the produce section of Whole Foods Market. See you there!