Sunday, October 12, 2014

Simple Things Are Richly Beautiful and a Meditation

This house has always been a balm. A soothing calm for healing of the heart, soul, and body. This place has comforted me through many a difficult time.

Today I am reminded of her magic.

Walking out to gather hickory and oak sticks fallen in the night, to use as tender for the first fire of the season in the living room, the thought of the comfort this place has provided, struck me again today.

The front room with ancient pine floors worn at the doorways from feet passing for over 150 years and downy oriental rugs;  tables laiden with stacks of favorite books like old friends  pulled close to the sofa; the smell of the house-a mix of wood smoke, the fragrance of supper roasting, wood wax and the slight aroma of dog is unmistakable...drunk, blind or dying...I would know it.

The joy of going out to the wood shed to gather more wood is a mediation: Hickory smoke wafting from the chimney gently making a way to my nose; the thick carpet of mossy green in the front yard padded under foot; millions of oak acorns crunch with each step as they cover the rocky quartz rich ground; the sound of woodpecker taps in the old growth hardwood forest.

The deep, deep sound of silence is palpable and a solace. I breath it all deeply in, and am so grateful.

The fire fluttered softly throughout the day as I worked, and read and dreamed. A brisk walk down to the the Hickory grove with Toby. The weather crisp and misty with light rain...exhilarating. Walking back up the hill, golden lights in the windows are beacons to supper. Crispy oven baked chicken, roast potatoes-golden and crisp, roast onions, and slow stewed kale soup waited as if entering a magical fairy tale house after walking from a distant place....the magic of it all is humbling.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Cold Crisp Air and the Scent of Hickory Smoke Herald the Arrival of Fall

I cleaned the fireplaces out today. The first cleaning before the cold weather. Ashes and half spent twigs from last year fill buckets carried out to the garden.

Toby at my side, my trusty assistant to any task.  I could feel Susie,who has been gone for several years, at my side too with her tail uplifted and twitching in the way only a Scottish Terrier is able to do. Certain in her Scotty mind that a furry creature is about to be uncovered!

The snap of twigs as a new fire starts. The quick, strong draft pulling the smoke up and out reliably. The sweet, sweet smell  of Hickory and a bit of Bay that was the starter perfumes the garden as we walk outside.

The curl of fairy smoke, a offering to the sky. A new season. New dawns and new dusks all of our lives entwining.